Our Services

Our Services

In today’s business landscape, thriving companies recognize the importance of combining specialized expertise with a forward-thinking mindset. At Bespoke Search Group, we excel in bridging the gap between these visionary individuals and the organizations that strive to lead the way.

Executive C-level Search

Making strategic hires at the C-suite level is paramount for any company's success. It represents both a crucial opportunity and a significant risk, which is why we fully recognize the importance of getting it right. With a proven track record, we have built enduring partnerships with top-tier companies, investors, C-level executives, and board members who value our insights into potential new opportunities. Our strong network and close relationships facilitate an efficient search process, enabling our clients to connect with senior leaders who are driven to create a meaningful impact.

Managerial Leadership

Building a high-performing team requires meticulous attention to hiring at the managerial level. We understand the pivotal role that managers play in driving operational excellence and fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. With a track record of success, we have cultivated deep connections with leading companies and top-tier professionals across various industries. These relationships empower us to efficiently identify and connect our clients with exceptional managerial talent who possess the skills and passion to propel organizations forward.

Areas of Practice

Within every specialized area of practice, the success of a company hinges on the expertise and capabilities of its professionals. We recognize the criticality of hiring exceptional talent across diverse practice areas. With a proven record, we have established strong relationships with leading companies and renowned practitioners within various domains. These connections enable us to efficiently identify and engage top-tier professionals who bring deep knowledge, experience, and a passion for their respective fields.

TitleSalary $Equity %Equity $LocationYOEStageSizeValuation $
Dir. of Finance$160,0000.01875$75000DC10Series A11-50 employees$400M
COO$275,0000.0625$5MSF9Series A11-50 employees$80M
CFO/COO$325,0000.017$5MSF25Series A101-200 employees$300M
Head of Ops$300,0000.014$1.1MAustin15Series A11-50 employees$80M
CRO$400,0000.05$2MSeattle13Series A51-100 employees$40M
Dir. of FP&A$230,0000.002$48,000NYC14Series A11-50 employees$24M
Dir. of Biz. Ops$280,0000.0001-NYC6Series A51-100 employees-
VP of Marketing$175,0000.00032$32,000SF15Series A11-50 emloyees$100M
Dir. of Marketing$180,0000.0015$150,000LA7Series A11-50 employees$100M
SVP of Marketing$250,0000.0025$500,000remote17Series A11-50 employees$200M
VP of Growth$276,0000.0044-LA8Series A51-100 employees-
Dir. of Growth$195,0000.0028$112,000remote8Series A11-50 employees$40M



TitleSalary $Equity %Equity $LocationYOEStageSizeValuation $
Head of Finance$220,0000.0027$540,000SF9Series B101-200 employees$200M
Dir. of Finance$220,0000.0007$100,000remote10Series B101-200 employees$143M
Dir. of Marketing$217,0000.00011$128,000LA15Series B101-200 employees$1B
VP of Sales$240,0000.0005$100,000SF25Series B201-500 employees$200M
Head of Corp. Dev.$280,0000.0002$30,000remote10Series B51-100 employees$150M
Head of Biz Ops$170,0000.00015-LA5Series B51-100 employees-
CFO$325,000--NYC15Series B51-100 empoyees-
Controller$225,000--NYC10Series B51-100 employees-
TitleSalary $Equity %Equity $LocationYOEStageSizeValuation $
Dir. of Finance$225,0000.000625$250,000remote10Series C201-500 employees$400M
Dir. of Strategy$265,0000.0005$500,000remote11Series C201-500 employees$1B
CFO$425,000--remote20Series C500-1000 employees$1B
COO$450,000--NYC20Series C201-500 employees$1B
VP of Growth$270,0000.0015$1.5MNYC12Series C201-500 employees$1B
VP of Marketing$270,0000.0022$1.1Mremote12Series C101-200 employees$500M
CMO$350,0000.0088$3.5MSF10Series C201-500 employees$400M
Dir. of Sales$175,000--remote10Series C201-500 employees-
TitleSalary $Equity %Equity $LocationYOEStageSizeValuation $
SVP Strategy & Biz. Ops$375,0000.05$50MSF18Series D101-200 employees$1B
Strategic Finance Lead$184,0000.0001-SF7Series D500-1000 employees-
Dir. of Biz Ops$360,0000.0003$600,000NYC7Series D201-500 employees$2B
Finance Manager$176,0000.0006-remote6Series D201-500 employees-
Dir. of Marketing$230,0000.000625$1,250,000remote14Series D201-500 employees$2B
Dir. of Sales$400,0000.00013$300,000NYC20Series D501-1000 employees$2B
CFO$500,000--NYC18Series D501-1000 employees$1.5B


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